How solar energy makes a difference for your business

How solar energy makes a difference for your business

Do utility bills account for a significant part of your overhead expenditure? Are you looking for a green way to cut down operational expenditure? Here’s how a solar electric system can make a difference:

Protection against rising utility rates: Businesses have seen significant electricity rate spikes over the last 5 years. Such hikes can increase your overhead expenses and affect the viability of your business. Installing your own solar power system can reduce or eliminate your exposure to price uncertainties. The portion of your usage that is generated on-site will no longer be subject to rate hikes.

Reduction of operational costs: Installing a solar power system is equivalent to prepaying for 40 years of power at a fraction of the cost you currently pay. The cost/unit of energy you pay now is higher than what you would pay with solar. As rates increase in the future, this difference will increase, leading to even more savings over the lifespan of your solar energy system.

Government incentives and tax credits: Designed to encourage businesses to generate their own solar power, various government programs cover the cost of up to 70% of your total system cost. These programs include – direct rebates, tax credits, loan programs and other financial incentives.

Great ROI: The combination of government incentives and recent decreases in solar equipment prices makes investments in solar power a sound financial decision. For businesses and government agencies, an investment in solar power can generate quick ROI as well as long-term savings.

Long-term reliability and low maintenance costs: Photovoltaic panels are virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, your commercial solar power system will require little or no maintenance (especially if no batteries are used) and provide clean energy for 25-40 years.

How solar energy makes a difference for your business
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