Solar32CertifiedTM –  A Pioneering Quality Rating System

Solar32CertifiedTM – A Pioneering Quality Rating System

GreenBrilliance has established Solar32CertifiedTM, a first-of-its-kind quality rating system for solar. It is a 32-point comprehensive quality control checklist that reinforces the quality of our energy solutions.

Solar32CertifiedTM evaluates solar installations on 32 distinct aspects to confirm:

  • Our understanding of client needs
  • The installation process
  • Quality of solar panels and other equipment
  • Conformance to the approved design and technical specifications
  • Knowledge and expertise of the team

We follow this diligent quality conformance process with every client so they feel confident of their investment in solar.

One More Step Towards A Brighter Solar Future

GreenBrilliance believes in delivering superior quality systems that encompass state-of-the-art technology and cost savings for customers. Solar32certifiedTM is a step to achieve that. The initiative bolsters our pursuit of excellence and sustainability by ensuring:

  • Delivery of superior products and services
  • Continuous review of our delivery process
  • Further innovation in our solar solutions

Solar32CertifiedTM empowers us to maximize value for our clients and enrich the overall customer experience.