Green Brelliance
Green Brelliance

"I became a GreenBrilliance customer in 2010. Communication was excellent, and we came to a final contract agreement via e-mail. We needed to have the roof re-done before... "

- Philip Hostetter
Green Brelliance
Green Brelliance

"It's been a year since I've initially started working with GB. I will say that my overall experience has been very positive. During the entire process and even after installation..."

- Mike Chervony
Green Brelliance
Green Brelliance

"We asked for bids on our solar project in Washington, D.C. and received three bids..."

- David O.
How Eric benefited from solar power Green Brelliance

On the whole, it was well done without any delays, despite the forecasted rains. The GreenBrilliance team was very professional. They used efficient attachment...

- Eric Brassard
How David powered his home with solar and saved on energy costs Green Brelliance

So far, we’ve produced a total of 7.49 MWh of energy, which is actually higher than the estimated projection. Thanks to GreenBrilliance, there’s also a considerable...

- David Silver
How Florian became self-reliant with solar energy Green Brelliance

GreenBrilliance was able to address 100% of my annual usage with its comprehensive solution. The addition of the battery meant that I was able to minimize my electricity bill...

- Florian Neuhaus