Sustainability hacks that can also save money

Sustainability hacks that can also save money

12 May 2022 2 min read

Being sustainable means adopting a lifestyle that causes little or no damage to the environment. People and businesses are more aware of the harmful effects of their actions on the environment. They are working towards saving water, reducing pollution, and conserving energy in the hope of a cleaner, greener future for our planet. Many of us associate sustainable living with a higher cost of living. It is not always the case. Check out these changes that you can make in your daily life. They will not only help you gain a greener lifestyle but also save you some money –

Unplug your electronic and electrical devices

Many appliances and electronics consume power even when they are turned off but plugged in. So unplug devices and electronics as much as possible when they are not in use. Your utility bill goes down, along with you using less energy.

Make smart consumption decisions

When you buy electronics or appliances, you pay for two price tags, the price of the product and the costs incurred for energy, water, etc., that is used to operate them. For example, using LED light bulbs will help save energy. They also help you save cash as they last longer and use less electricity. You might incur higher costs on ENERGY STAR certified appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Still, these initial costs are offset through energy savings
over the life of the unit.

Reduce the use of plastic bags

Producing plastic bags leads to carbon emissions and toxic chemicals. In addition, they do not decompose quickly and find their way into drainage systems, oceans and landfills, causing severe health effects and environmental damage. Many stores charge a fee for plastic bags too. You can save money and lighten your trash load by replacing disposable plastic bags with sustainable alternatives.

Look out for efficient ways to commute

If you live in a place with a good mass transit system or bike lanes, try to use public transport and bike more. Else, a car may be a necessity. In this case, evaluate the feasibility of owning a hybrid car or an electric vehicle (EV). While they may be more expensive than gasoline fueled cars, consider factors like maintenance, long-term costs and environmental effects to make your decision. If you have a solar system at home, you can charge your EV with the power generated. It reduces your fossil fuel consumption and helps you save on charging costs. GreenBrilliance provides superfast EV charging stations to help you make the most of your electric vehicles.

Go solar

Sign up for a solar solution. The cost of solar has dropped considerably in the last ten years, and solar systems are much more efficient today. When you install a solar system, you generate your own power. You can be self-sufficient. Moreover, when you generate extra energy, it is sent to the grid, and you earn credits. As a result, your utility bills will be lower. They can even go to zero, and you will reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability.

GreenBrilliance provides turnkey solar solutions that will help you save on utility costs and contribute to a clean, green and sustainable future.