Do solar panels work in extreme weather?

Do solar panels work in extreme weather?

07 May 2022 2 min read
  • Do solar panels hold up against unfavorable weather?
  • Do solar panels produce electricity in bad weather conditions?

We often get asked these questions. Let us find out the answers.

Solar panels and rain

Good quality solar panels are built such that they can withstand heavy rains. Solar PV systems can produce electricity even when it’s raining, though the electricity produced will be less than their optimal capacity depending on the cloud coverage and extent of rain. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, the rains will wash off dirt and pollen from the solar panels, and so the panels will work to their maximum capacity once the weather is clear.

Solar panels and snow

Solar panels will continue to generate power during a snowfall. Only when heavy snow accumulates will solar panels stop producing electricity as sunlight will not be able to penetrate the thick layer of snow. If the solar panels are installed on sloping roofs, snow accumulation may not be an issue as the snow will slide off, and the panels can continue working. Snow accumulation does not lead to any damage. Also, power generation will resume to its optimum capacity once the snow melts.

Solar panels and hail

Most solar panels are built to withstand hail up to a certain size and speed. Unless there are very extreme hail conditions, solar panels should be fine. People who live or work in places where there are severe hailstorms should ensure that the installation is such that the impact is minimized.

Solar panels and cold temperatures

Cold temperatures do not affect solar panels much as even in cold weather conditions; the sun shines bright, allowing solar panels to generate power efficiently.

Solar panels and tornadoes and hurricanes

Reputed solar panel makers ensure that solar panels are sturdy to withstand windy conditions. Moreover, in some places like South Florida, prone to tornadoes and hurricanes, the local government mandates solar panels must be installed to withstand winds up to 170 miles per hour. Typically wind speeds in case of tornadoes and hurricanes are much below the limits taken care of by solar panel manufacturers. Many times, rather than the solar panels, the racking system or the roof where the panels are affixed are not sturdy and result in damage. GreenBrilliance has experience and expertise in installing solar panels in various conditions.

GreenBrilliance offers Made-in-USA solar energy products that are durable and of high-quality. We also offer a 25 year warranty so that our customers have peace of mind.

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