GreenBrilliance customer, Michael McCabe’s motivates one and all to go solar

GreenBrilliance customer, Michael McCabe’s motivates one and all to go solar

08 June 2022 < 1

We were thrilled beyond imagination when we were informed about this wonderful letter that our customer Mr. Michael V. McCabe wrote to his neighbors about going solar with GreenBrilliance.

He has succinctly illustrated what worked with GreenBrilliance and how going solar has helped him save his hard-earned money with relevant data points. Here is a summary of his letter for easy reference –

GreenBrilliance installed a comprehensive solar solution which involved tailoring and explaining to him the details of a solar system suited to his needs. The price was very competitive, and GreenBrilliance also assisted him with ancillary services like roofing. This made the solar solution very viable for him. Post installation, his utility bills have dropped sharply, with him even going net zero in the month of May and he is looking forward to a cool summer.

He has encouraged his neighbors to consider going solar based on the sunshine they receive and their roofs. He is happy to have them come over and have a look at his solar solution and ask even talk to them about his experience of going solar.

We are proud of Mr. Michael V. McCabe, who has taken time out for this fantastic initiative and is willing to go out of the way to help his neighbors go solar. With more such customers, we are sure we can power a future that is solar and sustainable. You can click here to get a glimpse of some excerpts of his letter.

Want to go solar?

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