Solar Panels – Facts vs. Myths

Solar Panels – Facts vs. Myths

15 July 2021 2 min read

Solar is increasingly becoming the energy source of choice. With advancing technology, government encouragement, growing consumer awareness and a reliable supply of quality solar solutions, the solar market is growing consistently. Recently, the U.S. solar market surpassed 100 gigawatts of installed electric generating capacity as per a report released by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

But there are still some myths around solar energy and solar panels which cause people to defer their decision to go solar and lose out on the benefits of solar energy. Let us bust some common myths around solar panels and set the record straight.

Myth Fact
Solar panels work only in summer Photovoltaic panels successfully generate energy in snow and rain. They even work when it is cloudy as sunlight can penetrate through the clouds. Only when heavy snowfall leading to snow accumulating on the panels for a long time or the density of clouds is very high blocking solar radiation can there be issues. Solar is a feasible energy option in most places and almost all weather conditions.
Solar panels are high maintenance Solar panels are designed to be durable, such that they require minimal maintenance. Annual inspections ensure that they perform optimally, and if there are issues, they can be resolved in time. GreenBrilliance offers a 25-year warranty on its solar panels so that you can breathe easy about the equipment.
Solar panels are unattractive In earlier times, solar panels would not have been pleasing to the eye, but now with advanced technology, aesthetics is no longer a concern. GreenBrilliance’s solar panels are sleek and stylish. Check out some of our beautiful installations here.
Solar panels are expensive, leading to my utility costs going up In Q1 2020, solar module prices averaged 0.21 US dollars per watt, compared to 0.63 US dollars per watt in Q1 2016. Prices of solar systems have fallen in all markets, be it residential and non-residential. Moreover, residences and businesses get lucrative federal tax credits for installation. Solar users can also generate and sell electricity to the utility company. So going solar is a sound financial decision.
Solar panels are a poor investment Market data shows that solar panels pay for themselves in about eight years. There is increasing demand from real estate buyers for homes with solar systems, which means solar panels increase the home’s value, adding to the ROI of going solar.
Solar panels will damage my roof Installed properly, the solar panels will not damage a homeowner’s roof. In many cases, they protect the roof from natural elements. Ground-mounted solar panels are also available if you are hesitant to install them on the roof. GreenBrilliance uses the latest equipment and technology, and our experienced team leaves the roof intact.

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