3 exciting advancements in solar energy

3 exciting advancements in solar energy

15 June 2022 2 min read

Solar energy is becoming a dominant form of electricity generation all across the world as demand for energy increases, and there are urgent calls for sustainable energy generation. Significant work is being done on solar power with advances in technologies to increase efficiency, enhance ease of use, and decrease costs.

We take a look at three solar technologies that can have a big impact on the solar industry over the coming years –

Solar skin

Solar skin is a new technology being researched with respect to solar panels. It allows customization of solar panels. While there is a thrust towards going solar across the country, many people are concerned about the aesthetics of the house when solar panels are installed on the roof. Solar skin might help alleviate their doubts. Solar skin integrates custom designs into solar panels. A thin, printable layer is placed within the panel, which can be of any design, color scheme, etc. It allows light to pass through it to the photovoltaic cells underneath while still retaining the customization. With it, owners can match their panels to their roof’s color or texture so that the solar panels blend in with the house’s architecture. They can even add an image. Businesses can even consider using it for advertising space, helping them alleviate some costs of going solar.

Transparent solar panels

There is a lot of research going on in transparent solar panels. Currently, most panel designs are opaque. So, they do not always integrate seamlessly with the house or office structure. Transparent panels can change the game. Materials that allow visible light to pass through can be used to make semiconductors, thereby making the solar panel transparent such that it can be deployed in multiple scenarios. Moreover, we can integrate transparent solar panels in various places, from windows to mobile devices. For e.g., they can replace the traditional glass windows in office buildings and homes and be applied to windows of vehicles, thus making solar energy generation more ubiquitous.

High efficiency solar cells

Solar cells that convert solar energy into electricity are among the most promising clean energy technologies. The higher the power conversion efficiency of solar cells, the lower the total cost of generating solar energy. Therefore a lot of work is being done to increase the efficiency of solar cells. Tandem solar cells are made using different types of photovoltaic materials. For example, a perovskite layer is integrated on top of a silicon solar cell to improve the cell’s light absorption and charge carrying characteristics, allowing better overall efficiency. Recently, a German research team developed a tandem solar cell that reaches 24% efficiency. Similarly, there is a lot of work on solar cells in other countries as well.

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