Living a happy life just got easier for the Saxtons

Living a happy life just got easier for the Saxtons
Living a happy life just got easier for the Saxtons

TestimonialsWe had two other companies come and talk to us about solar but we weren't happy with what they had to offer. When GB came, we were very pleased with what they had to offer.Testimonials

Mrs & Mr Saxton


Meet Bill Saxton, a retired Navy Veteran residing in Hampton, Virginia, with his wife and furry companions. Bill's interest in solar energy sparked when he moved to this picturesque location. Despite evaluating various solar service providers against stringent criteria, only one checked all the boxes – Green Brilliance. The Saxtons, proud owners of a scenic lakeside home, opted for solar installation to efficiently manage their energy consumption, all while enjoying travels in their recreational electric vehicle.


Our team of skilled engineers at Green Brilliance meticulously designed a solar energy system tailored to the Saxtons' residential property. The plan aimed to reduce their utility bills to zero, providing a seamless process that was easily comprehensible for the Saxtons. From the initial design to the final commissioning, the installation process was streamlined and completed within a swift 45 days.


Within a mere couple of months, the Saxtons' expansive lakeside abode began reaping the benefits of solar. Remarkably, their utility bills have been reduced to zero for the past five months. Bill Saxton expresses his delight, stating, "I'm thrilled with Green Brilliance, and I know my wife is happy with it. And a 'happy wife means a happy life'!" Now, the Saxtons revel in the freedom to use all their appliances without restraint, even indulging in longer periods of air-conditioning use. Experience the joy of a carefree, solar-powered lifestyle with Green Brilliance – where efficiency meets satisfaction.