4 ways businesses can get more value from solar

4 ways businesses can get more value from solar

05 July 2022 2 min read

Electricity costs form a major chunk of overhead costs for businesses. Solar energy is rapidly becoming a mainstream energy source for businesses across the country. Most of us know that organizations that go solar benefit from lower utility bills and tax credits. But did you know you can leverage the benefits of going solar in many other ways? Here are some ways you can get more value from solar –

Get warranty

Most solar companies will provide a warranty. However, to truly benefit from the warranty ensure that all equipment is covered. Moreover, choose a solar provider who is well-established so that the warranty will not become void in the near future. GreenBrilliance has been in business for 15 years. We deliver turnkey solar systems to residences, commercial organizations and government departments with a 25-year warranty, including solar installation coverage with premium warranties.

Conscious business

Environmental protection is an important issue for people today, and there is growing awareness of the effect of businesses on climate change. As a result, people are shifting their preference for companies that take steps to be eco-friendly. As a business, when you are conscious about sustainability, environmentally conscious customers will be attracted to your business, thereby giving your business a competitive edge. At the same time, you will be contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Equipment Efficiency

A solar panel is a crucial factor in determining the amount of solar energy generated by the solar system. The more efficient the panel, the more energy produced. Businesses must take care to install premium solar panels that offer higher efficiency and more power output and do not degrade quickly. The solar system should also be designed and installed to last for a long time so that the business can generate payback on the investment in solar over a longer timeframe.

GreenBrilliance offers an integrated solution with a guarantee of premium equipment and best-in-class installation.

Protection against rising energy costs

Volatile energy prices adversely affect the cost of running a business. However, a business that goes solar will be able to keep its energy costs stable, which means it can plan its budget efficiently. Moreover, rising electricity costs will not hamper its cost of operations.

Going solar with GreenBrilliance makes more business sense

Going solar gives you more benefits than just reduced costs and federal tax credits. Contact GreenBrilliance @ 703-657-0090 or gosolar@greenbrilliance.com to leverage more from your solar solution.