I have installed solar panels. What comes next?

I have installed solar panels. What comes next?

10 August 2022 2 min read

Congratulations! You have installed a solar system. What’s next, you may ask. Here are some things to do once your solar PV system is installed –

Solar System Inspection

There will be an inspection process to ensure that the property’s electrical system can handle the generation of solar energy. In addition, there will be a structural inspection to see if the roofing can bear the weight of the solar panels, raking equipment etc. Once the utility company is satisfied with the system it will give permission for the system to be activated and be connected to the grid.

Check if meter installed can take care of net metering

The electric utility company is supposed to credit solar panel owners for excess electricity The electric utility company is supposed to credit solar panel owners for excess electricity generated through “net metering.” Therefore, ensure that your meter can track energy flowing into the grid and from the grid to your home electricity. This is important as when you are connected to the grid, electricity generated by the solar panels will be consumed first. Then if required, electricity provided by the utility company will be used.

Shift Load

Now that you can generate your own electricity, you can choose how to utilize it best. For example, it might be a good idea to turn on the dishwasher in the morning when it can be powered by solar energy. Charge devices or use energy-intensive equipment when the sun is shining to use electricity generated from your solar panels, which would mean lower electricity costs.

Maintain your solar panels

While solar panels are low-maintenance, keeping them clear of dust, dirt, and debris is essential. These can block sunlight which means the panels will generate lesser energy over time. You should also service the solar panels to ensure that the electrical wiring is not damaged or deteriorated. And, fittings, switches, fuse boxes, breakers and cables are in proper working order. GreenBrilliance provides service and maintenance offerings to keep your solar system in mint condition.

Monitor your solar system

Once you’ve installed solar, check your electricity bill to find details of your solar energy consumption. Keep an eye on monthly outgo and electricity consumption. Most installations work with apps like Enphase or SolarEdge that can help monitor the energy production of your solar. If usage is the same, the monthly outgo should typically be lower. If you have a battery system, you can store the energy generated. Use or sell it to the grid, making electricity consumption more efficient.

Go with GreenBrilliance

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