Are solar panels worth it?

Are solar panels worth it?

04 December 2021 2 min read

The solar industry added a record 19.2 gigawatts of new capacity during 2020. It was a 43% jump from 2019, and by 2030, solar installations are expected to quadruple from current levels.1 The Biden administration aims to generate 45% of the total U.S. electrical generation through solar power by 2050.

We also experience an increase in the number of power outages and blackouts. By using solar energy, we will be in more control with solar, thus facing lesser unpredictability.

On the other hand, going solar is a significant investment, and there are many accounts of increasing investment costs. In addition, people are unsure of equipment maintenance and the extent of power generation.

So, are solar panels worth it?

Solar panels provide us with multiple advantages:

  • Sustainability: We can generate emissions-free energy. It will help us reduce our carbon footprint and thereby do our bit to combat climate change.
  • Financial benefits: We get many financial advantages. With solar panels, you generate your own electricity which means you do not have to pay utility bills. Even if your solar panel installation doesn’t generate enough power for all your needs, you still reduce your use of traditional energy sources. If there is surplus power, you can sell it and receive payments in your account or get credit in most states. Many studies have concluded that solar installations increase property value. The federal government and many state governments offer solar tax credits and incentives for homes and businesses.
  • Optimum use of the availability of sunlight: Our planet gets plenty of sunlight. Solar panels can leverage it to produce electricity for homes, offices, and factories.

Still unsure about going solar

Review your electricity bill

With many of us still spending many hours of our day in our homes, the electricity bills could be high. The higher your bill, the more likely you will benefit from switching.

Estimate your solar panel cost

The main cost involved in going solar is the price of the panels. But with the increasing efficiency of solar panels, tax incentives and lowering of electricity bills, the cost is offset. GreenBrilliance provides high-quality, ‘Made-in-USA’ products that maximize benefits for our customers.

We also offer a range of financing options so that your switch to solar is within your means.

Watch out for incentives

The government offers significant incentives for installing solar panels as an alternate energy source. As of now, federal tax credit allows taxpayers to claim 26% of installation costs for systems placed in service by Dec. 31, 2022. The credit lowers to 22% in 2023 and expires in 2024, unless the policy changes. Moreover, many states offer additional incentives in terms of property tax exemption, waived fees, and expedited permits. You can take advantage of the incentives and get more value for your investment.

Want to know more about going solar?

We understand going solar is a big decision. With solar panels, you can avoid energy cost fluctuations, have a sustainable lifestyle, and enhance the value of your home. Contact us @ 703-657-0090 or, and we will be happy to engage with you so that you make the right decision.