Virginia homeowners elated with the manifold benefits of solar

Virginia homeowners elated with the manifold benefits of solar
Virginia homeowners elated with the manifold benefits of solar

TestimonialsIt just seemed like a win-win both ways. They know what they are doing.Testimonials

Robert and Laura Smole


In the quest to go solar, Robert and Laura Smole from Virginia had been researching for quite some time to choose the best solar company for their needs. The homeowner remembers that he set off the road to solar about a year and a half ago, with a pitch from a salesman. He says that it took him a long time to understand the process, costs, financing and how the tax incentive worked.


The couple was looking for a solar solution with the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and tax incentives. After some online research, they came across a website that compared solar quotes and found GreenBrilliance offered a solution that matched all their needs. They contacted GreenBrilliance for their solar requirements. Talking about their decision, Laura says that going solar would help the environment and their budget. She adds, “It just seemed like a win-win both ways.”


With GreenBrilliance’s solar installation, the Virginia homeowners are now happy to have reduced some negative impact on the environment. While the aesthetics of the house were a concern initially, the new look with the solar panels is attracting praises from passers-by, who sometimes drop in to compliment their roof and get information on their solar solution. Laura finds it pretty neat.

Robert was pleased with the smooth efficiency of GreenBrilliance across all processes. He thought the team was good at communication via email and phone. Robert is satisfied and thinks GreenBrilliance is a top-notch solar provider. Summing up their experience with GreenBrilliance, Robert says, “They know what they are doing.” and gives the highest rating to the team.