Sean’s return on investment is hard to believe

Sean’s return on investment is hard to believe
Sean’s return on investment is hard to believe

TestimonialsI’ve been earning SRECs or solar energy credits ever since I put the system in place. I’ve received around 300 dollars in SRECs to offset my electricity costs. I’ve heard some people say that solar panels can make a house look ugly, but I think my solar panels are extremely sexy!Testimonials

Sean Magee


Introducing Sean Magee, a Virginia-based single father and 'work-from-home' professional with a penchant for sustainability. Sean, a proud owner of an electric vehicle, found himself burdened with monthly utility bills ranging from $150 to $250. Aware of the potential savings offered by solar energy, he embarked on thorough research, carefully evaluating service providers before making the wise choice of Green Brilliance.


Sean had a specific concern—maintaining the aesthetic appeal of his home. He wanted solar panels that not only reduced his utility bills but enhanced the overall look of his residence. Green Brilliance, understanding the importance of both functionality and aesthetics, studied the structure of Sean's house and proposed a solar-panel installation plan that not only optimized energy consumption but also seamlessly blended with the home's design.

Carefully calculating the ideal number of panels to suit Sean's needs and budget, Green Brilliance went above and beyond by providing flexible monthly payment options and introducing Sean to a savings plan through SRECs.


The impact on Sean's life has been nothing short of transformative. With the implementation of solar, his utility bills, once ranging from $150 to $250, now stand at under $10. Sean has not only successfully offset his energy costs but also earns nearly $300 monthly through SRECs. Beyond the financial benefits, Sean is convinced that the solar installation has significantly increased the overall value of his house. Perhaps most notably, he takes great pride in the newfound "sexy look" of his home, a result of the seamless integration of solar panels into its aesthetic design.

Join Sean in embracing a sleek, energy-efficient future with Green Brilliance. Transform your home, reduce bills, and enhance aesthetics – all with the power of solar!