How solar enhanced the value of the Wilkinsons’ home

How solar enhanced the value of the Wilkinsons’ home
How solar enhanced the value of the Wilkinsons’ home

TestimonialsNot only does solar save you money, it also saves the environment because it saves trees. I would recommend solar panels to anybody, and definitely Green Brilliance because their process is so very simple.Testimonials

Amy Wilkinson


In the heart of Virginia, Amy Wilkinson and her husband embarked on a transformative solar journey with Green Brilliance. Their vibrant home, complete with a pool and a hot tub powered by electric panels, became a hub of joy for visiting grandchildren. However, the accompanying spike in energy consumption led to hefty utility bills, sparking a quest for a sustainable solution.

When the idea of going solar emerged, the Wilkinsons, like many, were apprehensive about the cost. Fearful that the installation might dip into their savings, Amy conducted meticulous research and ultimately chose Green Brilliance for its exceptional offerings.


The Green Brilliance team, committed to tailoring a solution that exceeded expectations, conducted an in-depth study of the Wilkinson's expansive home and energy-intensive facilities. A well-thought-out configuration was crafted, offering the Wilkinsons various customized options. Their choice was swiftly transformed into reality as solar panels were seamlessly integrated into the unique design of their home. The simplified process not only made decision-making a breeze but also ensured a quick installation, acknowledging the urgency of the Wilkinsons' needs.

But the story doesn't end there. Green Brilliance went the extra mile, recommending the Wilkinsons obtain a solar certification from an accredited body, turning their solar installation into a symbol of commitment and value.


The impact has been nothing short of spectacular. Amy joyfully shares, “We have a lot of friends come over, and we have grandchildren. I don't worry if the door is opened several times, or if they leave the lights on, or leave the refrigerator door open for an extra few minutes. It doesn’t increase my energy bill at all.” Despite the energy-intensive features like a heated swimming pool and hot tub, their bills remain impressively low. The burden of monitoring electricity consumption is lifted, and the solar certification has not only added value to their home but also turned it into a statement of sustainability.

Join Amy and countless others in a captivating solar journey with Green Brilliance, where every installation is a testament to efficiency, freedom, and a touch of brilliance.