Sumit Bhatnagar

Sumit Bhatnagar

Founder, President andChief Executive Officer
Sumit Bhatnagar is the Founder, President and CEO of GreenBrilliance. A solar visionary and entrepreneur with global cross-cultural experience, he is responsible for steering the company’s growth.

With over 20 years of experience in renewable energy and expertise in running global operations, Sumit has transformed GreenBrilliance from a home-grown brand to a global solar enterprise with a footprint across 10 countries. Today, GreenBrilliance is recognized as one of the most reputable solar companies in mid-atlantic USA.

Under his leadership, GreenBrilliance has delivered several utility-scale solar power plants and flagship systems such as the one at the Ronald Reagan International airport in Washington DC. A strong proponent of solar technology, he firmly believes that a clean energy revolution is the only way forward, for a sustainable and energy-secure future.

Establishing long-term relationships, building strong supply chains and effective people management are his forte and key reasons for his growth and success. Before he founded GreenBrilliance, Sumit served as the President of TechPanache Inc.

He holds a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India and an M.S from the University of Michigan, United States.