GreenBrilliance launches first-of-its-kind quality initiative for solar – Solar32Certified<sup>TM</sup>
18 March 2021

GreenBrilliance launches first-of-its-kind quality initiative for solar – Solar32CertifiedTM

  • GreenBrilliance unveils Solar32CertifiedTM, a comprehensive quality process for solar
  • Solar32CertifiedTM validates solar solutions based on 32 quality aspects

18 March 2021, Virginia, USA: GreenBrilliance LLC, a leading solar solution provider in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, has introduced a first-of-its-kind quality rating system called Solar32CertifiedTM. It is a comprehensive quality control procedure that validates solar solutions on 32 distinct aspects.

GreenBrilliance has been delivering Made-in-USA integrated solar solutions to residential, commercial, and government clients for over 13 years. The company is passionate about quality and performance as it installs and maintains turnkey solar systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

Solar32CertifiedTM is a first-of-its-kind rating system to ensure every installation delivers best-in-class quality. It validates the installation from two perspectives – customer satisfaction and technical excellence.

In terms of customer satisfaction, it reinforces the system's quality across various criteria such as team expertise, safety measures, cleanliness and hygiene, and overall customer experience from initiation to completion and post-sale support.

Solar32CertifiedTM also validates factors such as adherence to the proposed plans, conformation to technical specifications and equipment quality, operational aspects, and actual performance from a technical perspective.

Sumit Bhatnagar, President & CEO of GreenBrilliance said, "As pioneers in the solar industry, we have launched a unique quality benchmark with SolarCertified32TM. This will help our customers gain peace of mind knowing that each and every quality aspect is taken care of." He further added, "All companies should follow a rigorous quality control process so that customers are confident of their solar energy solution. This will help us create a sustainable future."

About GreenBrilliance

Founded in 2007, GreenBrilliance provides turnkey solar solutions customized for residential, commercial and government needs. Building end-to-end ‘Made in USA’ solar systems in-house—from design and engineering to permits and installation, monitoring and maintenance, GreenBrilliance ensures cost savings with every installation. Based in Virginia, the company serves customers in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, helping them achieve energy independence, minimize carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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