How GreenBrilliance is serving customers amid COVID-19

How GreenBrilliance is serving customers amid COVID-19

02 August 2020 2 min read

A few months ago, none of us imagined that we would be facing a pandemic. No one knew that social, cultural, and religious gatherings would have to be paused for a long time. But, agile as we are, we quickly adapt to new situations and realities. Amidst the pandemic, we have found effective methods to continue our lives and livelihoods. Wearing a mask, maintaining hygiene, and following social distancing norms have become the new normal.

At GreenBrilliance, we have trained our team to follow various hygiene measures to safely serve our customers. Here are few measures we’ve undertaken amid COVID-19:

1. Maintaining proper hygiene

Our qualified professionals and engineers follow the norms and guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have trained our executives to wear masks and use sanitizers frequently. Our team follows social distancing guidelines and maintains a minimum distance of 1m from others. We have advised our executives to stay at home if they experience any symptoms such as fever or difficulty in breathing. We remain committed to prioritizing safety while providing customers with the best of our services.

2. Providing prompt customer assistance

As a premium solar installer in tri-state DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), our values of openness, responsibility and customer satisfaction are at the core of our actions. We ensure that all the queries raised by our customers are resolved at the earliest and we are proactive to reach out to them for any assistance that they may need. Our team is vigilant and ready to address any issues quickly. This is our way of working towards our vision of powering a solar future.

3. Going digital to streamline the process

Catering to customer needs can be challenging amid social distancing advisories. At GreenBrilliance, we are committed to ensure that our customers do not face any issue during the entire process. We have redesigned our process such that consultation, design & engineering services are provided digitally. Our team coordinates with customers on digital platforms, through instant messages, calls and emails before initiating a seamless on-site installation. These practices ensure that our customers are treated with respect, compassion, and professionalism at all times while ensuring safety.

As one of the leading solar contractors with a 100% Made-in-USA promise, we are committed to keeping our communication transparent and responsive. Our client testimonials are proof that we value our customers and cater to their unique requirements with a personalized approach. As we learn to survive amid the pandemic, we are practising the necessary precautions by ensuring that our customers and executives remain safe and healthy.

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At GreenBrilliance, our goal is to help our customers invest in a solar system with peace of mind. Our safety measures around COVID-19 help us do just that.