GreenBrilliance featured in the ‘Top 200 Solar Contractors’ List

GreenBrilliance featured in the ‘Top 200 Solar Contractors’ List

15 October 2020 2 min read

GreenBrilliance is to delighted to be featured in the ‘Top Solar Contractors’ list by Solar Power World, a leading magazine in the solar industry. The companies on the list are ranked according to their influence in the solar industry and the number of kilowatts installed in 2019. As a premium solar solutions provider, we were ranked among the Top 200 this year. Our relentless pursuit of excellence in providing end-to-end, integrated solar systems and driving the highest level of customer satisfaction helped us attain this position.

Commenting on the achievement, our CEO Sumit Bhatnagar, said “It is a big day for GreenBrilliance. Making it to the list of ‘Top Solar Contractors’ in the USA for many years in a row reinforces our commitment to powering a solar future. I would like to thank my team for their sheer dedication and passion. All our solar experts are truly committed to creating a sustainable and clean future. We will continue to work hard to be among the country’s foremost solar solution providers.”

Speaking about how COVID-19 has affected GreenBrilliance, Bhatnagar added that amidst the pandemic, where many businesses have been adversely impacted, GreenBrilliance has risen strongly. “Our commitment to our core principles is the wind beneath our wings. We provide on-grid and off-grid turnkey solar installations to fulfil energy requirements of residences, commercial organizations and government organizations. Furthermore, with our Pearl certification, we aim to bring high-quality, energy-efficient solar power to every American home. Our NABCEP certification guarantees that we have the requisite knowledge and experience to handle project complexities and build a robust solar system.”

Meanwhile, Kelsey Misbrener, Senior Editor of Solar Power World, remarked, “All contractors featured on our 2020 list report strong installation numbers in 2019 and continue to stand tall this year.” While she expressed concern about the pandemic’s effects on the solar market, she stated, nonetheless, that the “solar industry will push through.”

About Solar Power World

Solar Power World (SPW) is a leading media outlet for the US solar market. Founded in 2011, SPW creates daily online news content, weekly e-newsletters, regular webinars, and podcasts, among other content forms. The company helps the US solar contractors, including developers, installers, and EPCs, to expand their businesses.

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