Does residential solar storage make sense?

Does residential solar storage make sense?

14 October 2022 2 min read

Did you know that we can store solar energy and use it when the sun is not shining? Solar panels use sunlight and transform it into electricity. Whereas solar battery storage allows homeowners to store solar energy –

What is solar+storage?

Residential solar energy systems that are paired with battery storage are called solar-plus-storage systems. Solar batteries store the excess power produced by solar panels. The excess energy can be used as and when you need it irrespective of weather, time of the day and regularity of electricity supply from the grid.

Why should I get solar storage?

Solar storage provides many benefits that directly translate to savings. Let us see how –

Flexibility of time of usage

When you have solar storage, you can decide if you want to use power from your panels, the utility grid, or the battery. For example, when there is a blackout, you can make use of solar power stored. In the early evenings, the price of electricity from the grid is higher. You can choose when to use energy from the storage system, thus saving some money.

Net Metering

If you have solar panels that are connected to the utility grid, you can send the excess power that your solar panels have generated to the grid. It will help you earn credits that can be offset against your electricity bills. Here again, you will be putting money in your wallet.

Better usage of power

With the net meter and power generation, you will be more aware of the amount of power generated and used. You can track the energy usage that can help you take steps such as adjusting your activities to reduce usage at peak usage times. This will help decrease your electricity bills. Also, you can always keep some energy capacity in reserve so that fluctuations in the electricity supply do not affect you and your family.

How long can energy be stored in solar storage systems?

Solar energy can typically be stored for about 4-5 days.

How long-lasting are solar batteries?

The most popular solar batteries are Tesla PowerWall and LG Chem. Tesla Powerwall has a limited warranty of zero defects and an unlimited cycle warranty for 10 years1. LG Chem has a battery warranty of 10 years with a throughput clause that changes depending on the model2. The life of batteries depends on numerous factors like battery usage, battery maintenance, and installation. GreenBrilliance provides hi-tech ‘Made in USA’ batteries for long-lasting use.

What is the price of installing solar batteries?

As per the energy department3, a solar+storage system can cost between $25,000 -$35,000. It, of course, depends on various factors like usage, size of the house, etc. If you have solar panels installed, you can install storage separately. It can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $22,000. But solar makes financial sense as you will be eligible for federal tax credits and may also get additional solar battery incentives depending on the state you live in.

GreenBrilliance also offers a wide range of financing options making the switch to solar easier.

Solar+storage systems make a lot of sense as you can reduce your electricity costs and also gain energy independence. We at GreenBrilliance can help you go solar with our high-quality and cost-effective hybrid solar panel systems and backup power solutions that will ensure your peace of mind.