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4 ways businesses can get more value from solar

4 ways businesses can get more value from solar

05 July 2022 2 min read

Electricity costs form a major chunk of overhead costs for businesses. Solar energy is rapidly becoming a mainstream energy source for businesses across the country. Most of us know that organizations that go solar benefit from lower utility bills and tax credits. But did you know you can leverage the benefits of going solar in many other ways? Here are some ways you can get more value from solar –

Get warranty

Most solar companies will provide a warranty. However, to truly benefit from the warranty ensure that all equipment is covered. Moreover, choose a solar provider who is well-established so that the warranty will not become void in the near future. GreenBrilliance has been in business for 15 years. We deliver turnkey solar systems to residences, commercial organizations and government departments with a 25-year warranty, including solar installation coverage with premium warranties.

Conscious business

Environmental protection is an important issue for people today, and there is growing awareness of the effect of businesses on climate change. As a result, people are shifting their preference for companies that take steps to be eco-friendly. As a business, when you are conscious about sustainability, environmentally conscious customers will be attracted to your business, thereby giving your business a competitive edge. At the same time, you will be contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Equipment Efficiency

A solar panel is a crucial factor in determining the amount of solar energy generated by the solar system. The more efficient the panel, the more energy produced. Businesses must take care to install premium solar panels that offer higher efficiency and more power output and do not degrade quickly. The solar system should also be designed and installed to last for a long time so that the business can generate payback on the investment in solar over a longer timeframe.

GreenBrilliance offers an integrated solution with a guarantee of premium equipment and best-in-class installation.

Protection against rising energy costs

Volatile energy prices adversely affect the cost of running a business. However, a business that goes solar will be able to keep its energy costs stable, which means it can plan its budget efficiently. Moreover, rising electricity costs will not hamper its cost of operations.

Going solar with GreenBrilliance makes more business sense

Going solar gives you more benefits than just reduced costs and federal tax credits. Contact GreenBrilliance @ 703-657-0090 or to leverage more from your solar solution.

3 exciting advancements in solar energy

3 exciting advancements in solar energy

15 June 2022 2 min read

Solar energy is becoming a dominant form of electricity generation all across the world as demand for energy increases, and there are urgent calls for sustainable energy generation. Significant work is being done on solar power with advances in technologies to increase efficiency, enhance ease of use, and decrease costs.

We take a look at three solar technologies that can have a big impact on the solar industry over the coming years –

Solar skin

Solar skin is a new technology being researched with respect to solar panels. It allows customization of solar panels. While there is a thrust towards going solar across the country, many people are concerned about the aesthetics of the house when solar panels are installed on the roof. Solar skin might help alleviate their doubts. Solar skin integrates custom designs into solar panels. A thin, printable layer is placed within the panel, which can be of any design, color scheme, etc. It allows light to pass through it to the photovoltaic cells underneath while still retaining the customization. With it, owners can match their panels to their roof’s color or texture so that the solar panels blend in with the house’s architecture. They can even add an image. Businesses can even consider using it for advertising space, helping them alleviate some costs of going solar.

Transparent solar panels

There is a lot of research going on in transparent solar panels. Currently, most panel designs are opaque. So, they do not always integrate seamlessly with the house or office structure. Transparent panels can change the game. Materials that allow visible light to pass through can be used to make semiconductors, thereby making the solar panel transparent such that it can be deployed in multiple scenarios. Moreover, we can integrate transparent solar panels in various places, from windows to mobile devices. For e.g., they can replace the traditional glass windows in office buildings and homes and be applied to windows of vehicles, thus making solar energy generation more ubiquitous.

High efficiency solar cells

Solar cells that convert solar energy into electricity are among the most promising clean energy technologies. The higher the power conversion efficiency of solar cells, the lower the total cost of generating solar energy. Therefore a lot of work is being done to increase the efficiency of solar cells. Tandem solar cells are made using different types of photovoltaic materials. For example, a perovskite layer is integrated on top of a silicon solar cell to improve the cell’s light absorption and charge carrying characteristics, allowing better overall efficiency. Recently, a German research team developed a tandem solar cell that reaches 24% efficiency. Similarly, there is a lot of work on solar cells in other countries as well.

GreenBrilliance delivers state-of-the-art solar solutions

There is an accelerated pace of innovation in the solar industry and we foresee greater progress. GreenBrilliance is at the forefront of delivering high performance, quality solutions at the best prices. Contact us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ to find out how you can be part of the cutting-edge technology.

GreenBrilliance customer, Michael McCabe’s motivates one and all to go solar

GreenBrilliance customer, Michael McCabe’s motivates one and all to go solar

08 June 2022 < 1

We were thrilled beyond imagination when we were informed about this wonderful letter that our customer Mr. Michael V. McCabe wrote to his neighbors about going solar with GreenBrilliance.

He has succinctly illustrated what worked with GreenBrilliance and how going solar has helped him save his hard-earned money with relevant data points. Here is a summary of his letter for easy reference –

GreenBrilliance installed a comprehensive solar solution which involved tailoring and explaining to him the details of a solar system suited to his needs. The price was very competitive, and GreenBrilliance also assisted him with ancillary services like roofing. This made the solar solution very viable for him. Post installation, his utility bills have dropped sharply, with him even going net zero in the month of May and he is looking forward to a cool summer.

He has encouraged his neighbors to consider going solar based on the sunshine they receive and their roofs. He is happy to have them come over and have a look at his solar solution and ask even talk to them about his experience of going solar.

We are proud of Mr. Michael V. McCabe, who has taken time out for this fantastic initiative and is willing to go out of the way to help his neighbors go solar. With more such customers, we are sure we can power a future that is solar and sustainable. You can click here to get a glimpse of some excerpts of his letter.

Want to go solar?

GreenBrilliance is a trusted provider of turnkey solar solutions for homes and offices. We operate in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Contact us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ for a consulting session and get the best solar system for your home and/or business.

Sustainability hacks that can also save money

Sustainability hacks that can also save money

12 May 2022 2 min read

Being sustainable means adopting a lifestyle that causes little or no damage to the environment. People and businesses are more aware of the harmful effects of their actions on the environment. They are working towards saving water, reducing pollution, and conserving energy in the hope of a cleaner, greener future for our planet. Many of us associate sustainable living with a higher cost of living. It is not always the case. Check out these changes that you can make in your daily life. They will not only help you gain a greener lifestyle but also save you some money –

Unplug your electronic and electrical devices

Many appliances and electronics consume power even when they are turned off but plugged in. So unplug devices and electronics as much as possible when they are not in use. Your utility bill goes down, along with you using less energy.

Make smart consumption decisions

When you buy electronics or appliances, you pay for two price tags, the price of the product and the costs incurred for energy, water, etc., that is used to operate them. For example, using LED light bulbs will help save energy. They also help you save cash as they last longer and use less electricity. You might incur higher costs on ENERGY STAR certified appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Still, these initial costs are offset through energy savings
over the life of the unit.

Reduce the use of plastic bags

Producing plastic bags leads to carbon emissions and toxic chemicals. In addition, they do not decompose quickly and find their way into drainage systems, oceans and landfills, causing severe health effects and environmental damage. Many stores charge a fee for plastic bags too. You can save money and lighten your trash load by replacing disposable plastic bags with sustainable alternatives.

Look out for efficient ways to commute

If you live in a place with a good mass transit system or bike lanes, try to use public transport and bike more. Else, a car may be a necessity. In this case, evaluate the feasibility of owning a hybrid car or an electric vehicle (EV). While they may be more expensive than gasoline fueled cars, consider factors like maintenance, long-term costs and environmental effects to make your decision. If you have a solar system at home, you can charge your EV with the power generated. It reduces your fossil fuel consumption and helps you save on charging costs. GreenBrilliance provides superfast EV charging stations to help you make the most of your electric vehicles.

Go solar

Sign up for a solar solution. The cost of solar has dropped considerably in the last ten years, and solar systems are much more efficient today. When you install a solar system, you generate your own power. You can be self-sufficient. Moreover, when you generate extra energy, it is sent to the grid, and you earn credits. As a result, your utility bills will be lower. They can even go to zero, and you will reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability.

GreenBrilliance provides turnkey solar solutions that will help you save on utility costs and contribute to a clean, green and sustainable future.

Do solar panels work in extreme weather?

Do solar panels work in extreme weather?

07 May 2022 2 min read
  • Do solar panels hold up against unfavorable weather?
  • Do solar panels produce electricity in bad weather conditions?

We often get asked these questions. Let us find out the answers.

Solar panels and rain

Good quality solar panels are built such that they can withstand heavy rains. Solar PV systems can produce electricity even when it’s raining, though the electricity produced will be less than their optimal capacity depending on the cloud coverage and extent of rain. But just as every cloud has a silver lining, the rains will wash off dirt and pollen from the solar panels, and so the panels will work to their maximum capacity once the weather is clear.

Solar panels and snow

Solar panels will continue to generate power during a snowfall. Only when heavy snow accumulates will solar panels stop producing electricity as sunlight will not be able to penetrate the thick layer of snow. If the solar panels are installed on sloping roofs, snow accumulation may not be an issue as the snow will slide off, and the panels can continue working. Snow accumulation does not lead to any damage. Also, power generation will resume to its optimum capacity once the snow melts.

Solar panels and hail

Most solar panels are built to withstand hail up to a certain size and speed. Unless there are very extreme hail conditions, solar panels should be fine. People who live or work in places where there are severe hailstorms should ensure that the installation is such that the impact is minimized.

Solar panels and cold temperatures

Cold temperatures do not affect solar panels much as even in cold weather conditions; the sun shines bright, allowing solar panels to generate power efficiently.

Solar panels and tornadoes and hurricanes

Reputed solar panel makers ensure that solar panels are sturdy to withstand windy conditions. Moreover, in some places like South Florida, prone to tornadoes and hurricanes, the local government mandates solar panels must be installed to withstand winds up to 170 miles per hour. Typically wind speeds in case of tornadoes and hurricanes are much below the limits taken care of by solar panel manufacturers. Many times, rather than the solar panels, the racking system or the roof where the panels are affixed are not sturdy and result in damage. GreenBrilliance has experience and expertise in installing solar panels in various conditions.

GreenBrilliance offers Made-in-USA solar energy products that are durable and of high-quality. We also offer a 25 year warranty so that our customers have peace of mind.

Going for solar?

GreenBrilliance provides 360-degree conceptualization, design, development and installation of solar solutions. Come rain or shine; we guarantee quality and service. Contact us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ to know more on how to go solar.

What is carbon footprint? Why should it matter?

What is carbon footprint? Why should it matter?

11 April 2022 2 min read

What is carbon footprint?

Driving to the office, using electricity to heat up your house or going on a shopping spree are things that we take for granted. But they lead to the release of greenhouse gases like carbon and methane. Manufacturing of products, construction of buildings – activities that signify development also release greenhouse gases. The earth receives energy from the sun, and it emits excess energy into space. But greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere absorb and trap the surplus energy. This leads to rising temperatures and increased heat.

Carbon footprint is measured as the total greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. It is measured in terms of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2). The carbon footprint of an individual, company or a nation can be measured.

Why does carbon footprint matter?

While we need some carbon dioxide (CO2) to keep the planet going, too much of it is not suitable for us. When there is too much carbon in the air, it results in many issues that can lead to disastrous results-

Disrupted weather patterns – There can be a rise in extreme weather patterns such as more flooding, more wildfires, etc., which can lead to destruction and loss to humankind.

Increased heat – Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record, according to an analysis by NASA. Rising temperatures can lead to more intense heat waves and shifts in plant and animal habitats. In addition, some pests can thrive in warmer climates leading to large-scale damage to farms and vegetation.

Loss of ice levels and water issues – It leads to a decrease in snow cover, resulting in lower levels of freshwater. Higher temperatures lead to the melting of the ice reserves that can lead to a continuous rise of the sea levels.

Warming of oceans – Rising temperature of oceans and seas can disrupt marine life. It also results in rising sea levels that increase the risk of flooding of coastal areas during extreme weather. As a result, settlements around the coastline and even entire islands can be disrupted or destroyed, leading to the destruction of human life and economic losses.

In the USA, the biggest contributors to carbon emissions are:

Transportation 29%
Electricity generation 25%
Industrial activities 23%
Commercial and residential heating 13%
Agriculture 10%


How can going solar reduce our carbon footprint?

We can play a part in reducing our carbon footprint by switching to solar. Homeowners in the USA can install solar solutions and reduce their carbon footprint as they will use lesser fossil fuels and also save a significant amount of money. Businesses and government organizations can install solar panels to generate energy, thereby reducing their carbon emissions.

GreenBrilliance can help you to switch to solar with our high-quality, turnkey solar solutions for families, businesses and the government. We also have a wide range of financing options that will help you reduce your carbon footprint and have peace of mind.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Business Going Solar?

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Business Going Solar?

05 April 2022 2 min read

Is your business interested in investing in a solar system? It is a great idea to reduce your monthly energy costs, and your business will be more environmentally friendly, contributing to a greener planet. You are probably also thinking – “What is the cost of going solar?”. To answer that question, you will need to know the main factors involved in implementing a solar solution. We list down the top drivers that will impact the cost of going solar for a business:

System Size

The larger the system, the more energy it will produce but oversizing the system will result in inefficiencies in cost. A business will have to evaluate its energy needs and then compare the capital invested to the system capacity to find out the cost of the solar solution. Of course, you can always start with a moderately sized system and then scale it up as per your energy requirements. GreenBrilliance offers a comprehensive consultation session to arrive at the perfect solar solution to be installed.

Type of installation

Typically solar systems are either rooftop installations or ground-mounted systems. Rooftop panels have the roof as a foundation, but ground-mounted systems need land and a base to implement them. Therefore, ground-mounted systems can be more expensive. But you can install larger ground-mounted solar solutions as compared to rooftop installations.


The equipment such as solar panels, solar cells and storage systems determine the efficiency of the solar system. The better the quality of the components, the greater value you will get out of the solar system. GreenBrilliance offers high quality, made in USA systems that are efficient. It means you can get more energy generated with our solutions at affordable costs.

Interconnection costs

These are the costs involved in connecting your solar system to the utility grid. It depends on existing infrastructure and specific requirements of the utility company related to equipment, wiring, etc.

These are some of the critical factors that impact the cost of a solar installation. But each project is different. GreenBrilliance, with its expertise and vast experience, can take you through the process of evaluation to determine the best solar system for your needs and implement it at the most optimal cost. Contact us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ to power your business’s solar future.

How to choose a solar panel

How to choose a solar panel

20 March 2022 2 min read

How do I know if a solar panel is of high quality? Is the solar solution efficient? Can I trust these solar panels? We often get such questions from our customers. While going solar is a smart decision, we understand that it is a significant financial investment. It is but natural that you want the most value for money spent. While going for a solar energy solution, solar panels form a considerable chunk of the investment. Therefore, it is critical that you choose the right solar panels. Here are some tips on choosing top quality and high-performing solar panels –

Choose high-efficiency solar panels

The amount of electricity that a solar panel can generate can be determined by its power rating, power tolerance, efficiency and temperature coefficient. Check these factors to buy the solar panels most suitable for you, depending on your home’s energy consumption.

Choose solar panels that are low on maintenance

Solar panels generally require little to no maintenance. But do remember that solar panels are installed on the roof, and it is not easy and dangerous to clean them effectively regularly. So choose solar panels that have features for zero or minimal maintenance. Nowadays, you have many options as some solar panels come with features that prevent debris, snow or rainwater from accumulating on or around them.

Check the warranties available on the solar panels

Most solar panels are guaranteed to last anywhere from 10 years to 30 years. When you buy solar panels with a warranty, repairs and maintenance are easier. GreenBrilliance provides a warranty of 25 years for its solar panels.

Go for cost-effective solar panels

The cost of solar panels is a crucial factor to decide whether you want to go solar or not. But rather than choosing the cheapest one which may not give the right return on your investment, choose solar panels that offer optimal value. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimates the national average cost of a residential solar panel system at $2.94 per watt.1 GreenBrilliance operates in tri-state (DMV) Virginia, Maryland and D.C. and Pennsylvania. The average cost in these states is approximately between $2.60 ad $3.00 per watt2.

Choose solar panels that add to the aesthetics of your home

Solar panels can be in different colors. Choose even colored solar panels that suit the aesthetic appeal. Usually, solar panels come in two types – Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Monocrystalline panels have a black tint and are more stylish. They have higher efficiency as well but are priced higher. Polycrystalline panels have a blue color and are not as efficient as monocrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels are cheaper.

GreenBrilliance offers high quality, Made in USA systems

With a growing thrust towards sustainability, solar energy is in focus, and there are many benefits in installing solar solutions in the form of rebates, incentives and lower prices. The team at GreenBrilliance will be happy to talk to you. Connect with us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ for a consulting session on the best solar system for your home.

Climate change and solar power

Climate change and solar power

11 March 2022 2 min read
  • 2020 was the hottest year on record, tying with 2016.
  • The average annual Northern Hemisphere snow cover was among the lowest between 1967-2020.
  • Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, the three main elements driving climate change, have reached the highest levels in the atmosphere.

Climate change is real and here to stay unless we make some drastic moves to halt the adverse effects of climate change, such as an increase in the frequency of natural disasters, extinction of animal species and serious effects on people’s lives and health.

Renewable energy i.e. energy from resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale has to be used. They can be replenished and are not harmful like using fossil fuels to generate energy.

Solar power is the best energy source to combat climate change

Solar energy is the way to go among the various renewable energy sources considering the amount of sunlight Earth receives and the rapidly evolving technology around solar solutions. Humans must utilize solar power optimally as it can help protect our environment in various ways:

Solar energy is good for the environment

Utilizing solar power for our energy needs decreases emissions of CO2 as there will be reduced usage of fossil fuels. It will minimize greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. In this manner, we can stall climate change, and with widespread use, even revert the harmful effects of climate change in the long run.

Solar energy improves our standard of living

Usage of solar energy means pollution levels are lower and the environment is cleaner. This will positively impact our health as people will have better air to breathe and reduce respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

Solar energy is widely useable

Solar energy solutions are easy to install at both small-scale and large-scale levels. GreenBrilliance has expertise and experience in delivering turnkey solar solutions for homes, offices and government organizations. Once installed, they start giving results in the form of zero emissions, reduced use of water for generation and quickly begin paying back on the investment in the form of reduced energy costs.

Solar energy reduces dependence on conventional electricity grids

With solar energy, grid dependence can be reduced, which will result in lower utility bills, independence from power outage and rising electricity prices. It will also mean you use less non-renewable energy, contributing to a greener planet. Many of our customers who have installed an integrated solar system look forward to many years of zero CO2 emissions and energy bills netting to zero.

Climate change is a complex problem, and we all have to work towards solving it. Switching to solar is an effective way to contribute to combating climate change.

Get in touch with us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ today to go solar and save the environment for future generations.

All about solar batteries

All about solar batteries

18 February 2022 2 min read

What are solar batteries?

Solar batteries are used to store solar energy. Rechargeable solar batteries can be used in PV systems to store excess electricity generated by the solar system. The electricity can be used whenever required. So even when you are connected to the grid, you can remain “off-grid” and use the electricity stored in the solar batteries.

How do solar batteries work?

When you install a solar solution, the solar panels generate electricity from the sun. This is direct current (DC) electricity. It is converted to alternating current (AC) electricity which powers home appliances, etc. The unused electricity charges the solar batteries. When the sun goes down, or when there is an outage or when you do not want electricity from the grid, you can use the energy from the batteries to power your electronic devices and appliances.

What are the advantages of using solar batteries?

When you connect a solar battery to your solar system, the excess energy produced by the solar panels is stored in the battery. This energy can be used in multiple ways:

  • When the solar panel is not generating enough energy required for the electricity needs of the house, this extra energy can be used.
  • When there is an outage, you can use the excess energy to satisfy your basic power needs.
  • You can also connect your solar panels and the solar battery to the grid. You can fill your battery and sell it to the utility company. If the electricity rates vary at various times of the day, you can use energy from the backup battery when the rates are higher and use electricity from the grid when the rates are lower.

Storage solutions from GreenBrilliance

GreenBrilliance offers various intelligent storage solutions by partnering with leaders in the energy industry like Generac. Our bundled solar solutions include battery storage solutions that

  • Capture and store power from solar panels for extended durations.
  • Protect your home and family during power outages.
  • Utilize stored electricity during peak demand, grid outage or when electricity costs are high, thus incurring lower energy bills and saving money.
  • Gain greater independence from the grid as you have the freedom to avoid peak rates and control your electricity supply and demand.

Connect with us for battery storage solutions

Solar is great for our homes and offices, and solar batteries make it even better. With smarter batteries and improving technology, solar batteries support a higher number of charge/discharge cycles and do not require much maintenance or frequent replacement. Solar batteries are perfect for going green, being energy independent, and saving money.

Contact us @ 703-657-0090 or email us @ to know more about solar batteries.