NEUROBOTZ is an AI based Intelligent Transformer Technology, a state-of-the-art way of changing how incoming electric power is distributed and utilized in the building. It is connected in series within the loads in the electrical circuit. The predictive analytics algorithm creates an optimal load curve and controls the incoming power flow to reduce the KWhrs.



Unique Impedance-matching Transformer technology with Special lamination at its core and Sophisticated electrolytic copper windings that delivers more than 99.3% efficiency.


Phase voltage balancing and TVSS (transient Voltage Surge suppression) Capability that protects the valuable equipment from spike and surge.


Built-in Automated Demand Response (ADR) technology that uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for advanced load curtailment technique


All-in-one Smart metering, power analytics and data logging technique with remote system configuration/control capability


Dynamic Power optimization with advanced Automation technique that improves power Quality and Harmonics suppression.


Increased life span of Lights, HVAC and appliances reducing maintenance and equipment replacement cost.


Embedded IOT technology with wireless communication to monitor and report equipment efficiency and predictive maintenance alerts. (Add-on)


Both indoor and outdoor installation with more than 25 years of product lifespan and manufacturing warranty.


Compatible with Residential Solar PV or any Renewable technology reducing its CAPEX.

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