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All we need to get started is some simple information about your home and your approximate electricity consumption. (This can be as easy as telling us the average size of your utility bill). Other helpful details include approximate orientation of your roof (e.g., Southwest), roof material, and major electrical loads in your home. If you have information on your historic electrical usage, you can provide this to us during the initial call, but it isn’t necessary in order to move forward.

You can also submit our online SOLAR ASSESSMENT and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and options.

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Schedule an Appointment

We will schedule a time for an Energy Consultant to come to your home to perform a site evaluation, solar shade analysis and consultation. Site evaluations usually take 1 to 2 hours. It is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about how solar power works, the installation process, or any other technical or financial questions. During this visit, the Energy Consultant will collect the information needed to generate a proposal.

Contact us to schedule an appointment:

Review Proposal

GreenBrilliance will deliver a proposal to you by email or in person. This proposal will include the initial system design, cost, high level of financial analysis and amount of the rebate and tax credit. Proposals can also include a simulation of your expected electrical usage and billing with your new solar power system. This will allow you to determine how much you will save on your bills and what your bills will look like after the installation. More detailed financial analysis (such as cash flow or payback) is also available upon request.

Sign Contract

If you decide to move ahead with the project, you will then sign a contract with GreenBrilliance. From here, we will take care of everything. This includes system design, permitting, construction, inspections, utility interconnection and rebate application/collection. We are committed to providing you an entire turnkey solution.


Installation can commence once a contract has been signed, permits obtained and materials procured. Residential installation times range from 3 days to 4 weeks, depending on system size and complexity.

Municipal and Utility Inspection

After installation is complete, the governing municipality and your utility company will inspect your system. GreenBrilliance will schedule and attend all municipal inspections, so you will not need to be present. Following your utility inspection, your system will be up and running. GreenBrilliance will provide you with electrical and structural drawings of your new system, along with all owner’s manuals, warranties and instructions on how to monitor your system’s performance.