Isn’t it time to bring solar manufacturing back to the United States ?

With the majority of the global solar panel and component production shifted overseas, it’s become increasingly challenging for solar customers to buy 100% US made solar modules. To address this challenge GreenBrilliance USA, a leading turnkey solar solution provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, has announced plans for manufacturing high-end photovoltaic & bifacial solar panels in the United States.

We believe that by locally manufacturing these high-efficiency PERC and Bi-facial PV panels, we are pushing America towards true renewable energy independence & are creating thousands of jobs in the process. By combining our internally developed, state-of-the-art technology with the creativity & hard work of American workers we guarantee to deliver world-class products to our customers !

GreenBrilliance is betting big on Bifacial solar modules as the future of the solar industry. These state of the art modules produce solar power from both sides, thereby increasing the total energy generation by up to 30% in comparison with mono-facial panels. They offer many advantages over traditional solar panels like higher efficiency & durability. GreenBrilliance is going to be one of the only companies that would manufacture these bifacial panels exclusively in the US.

The lack of availability of American-made solar panels today has left a big void in the market space which we intend to fill. This is clean, sustainable manufacturing for a growing, sustainable economy. We intend to build relationships and work directly with installers nationwide by offering them not just a Solar Panel but a great overall experience!

 It’s time to bring manufacturing back to America !

About GreenBrilliance USA:

GreenBrilliance USA is a vertically integrated, end-to-end solar energy company headquartered in the metropolitan DC area: We are a leading solar component manufacturer & provider of turnkey EPC solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects worldwide.

GreenBrilliance recently ranked 33rd in the top hundred installers in the world by the list published by the renowned ‘Solar World Online’ with a fantastic portfolio including the prestigious “Ronald Reagan International Airport” in Washington DC.

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Compiled By : Nishanth Mahankali – Solar Engineer – GreenBrilliance LLC

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