Not ready yet, to make an investment into “Going SOLAR”?





Still want to SAVE on constantly rising electricity BILLS? Guess what, you are not the only one! This has been an overwhelming question in the minds of thousands of American homeowners.

GreenBrilliance has an answer: ‘NeurobotzAI Based Dynamic Power Optimizer

Utility residential electricity prices have risen steadily in the last decade. According to the Energy Information Administration, residential electricity rates have increased nationally by around 24% in the last 10 years. Going solar helps in combating these rising costs but a lot of people are still unsure if they want to move forward with a solar system.

We get it, it’s an investment and GreenBrilliance has the perfect solution to this dilemma – Neurobotz – AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Power Optimizer for residential homes that can save you thousands on electricity bills. A physical device which would be connected and installed next to your electrical panel box in your home.

NEUROBOTZ (A GreenBrilliance product) is an AI-based Intelligent Transformer Technology, a state-of-the-art way of changing how incoming electric power is distributed and utilized in the building. Its predictive analytics algorithm creates an optimal load curve and controls the incoming power flow to reduce the KWhrs consumed in your home thus saving you from expensive electricity bills.

Neurobotz’s built-in Automated Demand Response (ADR) technology uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for advanced load curtailments. It helps protect valuable electrical equipment in your home from damage by spikes and surges. It increases the lifespan of Lights, HVAC and other appliances reducing maintenance and equipment replacement cost. It online/remote monitoring capability provides a detailed dashboard and reports equipment efficiency as well as provides predictive maintenance alerts.

Start saving money the intelligent way with Neurobotz!

Reach out to us at contact@greenbrilliance.com for detailed information, check availability, qualify and sign-up for your very own Neurobotz.


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