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virginia financial incentives

Virginia Financial Incentives:

 PV rebate schedule for commercial photovoltaic systems:

    • $2.00/watt for the first 10 kilowatts of capacity
    • $1.75/watt for the next 10 kW (11 to 20 kW)
    • $1.50/watt for the next 10 kW (21 to 30 kW
    • $1.25/watt for the next 10 kW (31 to 40 kW)
    • $1.00/watt for each additional Watt up to maximum of 200 kilowatts (41 to 200 kW)

Federal: (Residential Solar Tax Credit)
Cash Rebate or Income tax credit 
30% of net cost of the system


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