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is your gateway to a career in field of Renewable Energy - The solar industry

Professional Solar Training

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GreenBrilliance Academy Vision

GreenBrilliance Academy not only inspire our Tristate Communities to learn more about the future of renewable energy, but to teach them how to conserve, rebates, loans and tax credits are also available to help consumers finance the conversion to solar produce and respect, this very precious resource we call energy.

What will you learn

Training Programs

GreenBrilliance Academy will train for skill development in troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing photovoltaic equipment, including how to perform maintenance, repair, or replace solar panel parts to correct problems. Learn About the Solar Training Courses available



Solar Fundamentals

Fundamental understanding of solar photovoltaics (PV) technology itself

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Introduction: Design and Installation

Students will learn hands-on techniques used for proper solar installation and the dynamic conversion of sunlight to electric power

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Advanced: Design and Installation

Where YOU Learn to Become a True Solar Professional!

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